Petkit Fountain Waterer


The feature of the fountain to provide filtered and oxygen-enriched water is truly aimed at the health of the animal.



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Excellent fountain. Used for over 2 years, zero issues. Regularly change both foam & charcoal filters, as well as ensure the electric sensor between water bowl and base remains dry, and it’ll hold perfect working form. Cannot recommend highly enough.


I have two Ragdoll cats and I’ve not found a fountain they like to drink from as they are so noisy but......they ABSOLUTELY love this one. It is such great quality and hardly makes any sound. Looks great. The price suits the quality. Extremely impressed. Thank you.

Fresh and Beautiful

I've used this product for almost a year now and still love! It took me so long to find a simplistic looking and functional cat water dish that could fit beautifully into my home. I hate all the cheap, bright colored and cat paw decorated ugly plastic products flooding the pet stores. My home is minimalist with mostly white or light-wooded furniture, why would I want an nasty bright green colored thing with a weird design. Finally a beautiful and functional product! I hope to get the food dispenser and other products from this company in the future when my wallet recovers from the last purchase.

Easy to clean but

This device would be perfect if it sent low water and filter change alerts to your phone.

5.0 out of 5 starsI like the water fountain as well since it is so ...

My cats instantly took to this water fountain. I like the water fountain as well since it is so much easier to clean than the 3 previous fountains that I have tried. I like that there is light indicator that reminds to me to fill the water and a different color light indicator to let me know when it is time to change the filters. It has been about 3 months since I purchased this water fountain and have 0 issues with it. It is easy to fill with more water, it is very quiet, and I like that it only runs as necessary. I use the smart mode. I have recommended this fountain to my friend who has seven cats, however, for that many cats, she would need more than 1. I currently have to add water once at the beginning of the week and then about 4 days later (one of my cats has hyperthyroidism so she drinks a lot of water).

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