Community is the heart of PETKIT. We value users’ experiences and connect pet parents all over the world. We strive to create prime user experiences for every PETKIT user. The primary purpose of PETKIT USER COMMUNITY is to foster users’ collaborations by providing a safe and open space. 


1.    Do not share sensitive or confidential information about yourself, your customers, or your organization.

2.    Do not threaten, abuse, troll, or harass.

3.    Do not use discriminatory or hateful speech.

4.    Do not use inflammatory or derogatory comments.

5.    Do not post sexually explicit, indecent, or pornographic material, including masked profanity.

6.    Do not post legal claims, demands, or informal or formal complaints.

7.    Do not post copyrighted or trademarked materials without first obtaining the right to use those materials.

8.    Do not spam or link to any site that may lead to malicious software that could harm another’s computer or device.

9.    Do not solicit, promote, or advertise for a company, product, or service.

10.    Do not make posts that promote illegal activities.