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James Ben, 29, 2018 Reddot Award-winning industrial designer. Ben got his idea of EVERSWEET 3 from Apple’s mac pro; he aims to build in every part of functional features of this water fountain into a simple and elegant design.


Ben'‘s method of designing is deeply influenced by Japanese way of managing and thinking, like Oki Sato and Naoto Fukasawa. He got most of his ideas from observing and presented most of his designs by satisfying the needs of living. 


 Ben has to reduce the noise of water fountain as much as possible to ensure its user’s experiences. He lsaid,"I can even recognize every slight reduce in noise. The noise reduction system in Ever Sweet 3 finally achieves the goal of ensuring users’ sleep quality. 

Vinson Ma, 27, industrial designer. As a talented and young designer, Ma preferred using logical mathematic way to build up his creation. He started finding resolutions for the core function of PURA X, which is “clean”, then solved following issues one caused by the other.


The most struggling experience in PURA X’s 3-year designing process is when Ma and his team had to make and test over 35 sample filters in different shapes and materials. After thousands of times of testing, he coincidently picked up the best shape and material that could make PURA X an epic product.


Getting up at late night and sketching out his minds are the highlight experiences in his designing life. His pioneering spirits and precise logics contribute to the creation of PURA X. 

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